Metal Roof Specialties is one of the market-leading metal roofing suppliers and metal roof materials providers in the Pacific Northwest. We’re your one-stop shop for all metal roofing supplies and metal roofing materials. If you’re looking for any kind of metal roofing panels on any scale for a residential or commercial building, just call us.

Metal roofing supplies overview

We provide metal roof supplies for builders, DIYers, and all types of construction projects. We offer a comprehensive range of metal roofing supplies from a large selection of quality manufacturers. Our metal roofing supplies include the latest tools, underlayment, and accessories appropriate for metal applications. We also work with steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper alloys.

If you’re looking for a reliable metal roofing supply source and a broad range of metal roof materials, we can help. With over 30 plus years in the industry, we offer level of knowledge that surpasses the “Big Box Stores”. 

We provide metal roofing for major new construction building projects and for existing home DIY projects. We supply the latest residential roofing materials for large designer homes, and simple tiny homes alike. Whatever the project, on any scale, we can provide a complete range of metal roofing options and supplies for all your needs.

Expert help when you need it

We also provide technical expertise and assistance for our clients. We’re here to help when you need expert technical advice about roofing solutions. We assist our clients with the selection of roofing materials, interior and exterior design, DIY advice, and much more. We can help you source the right roofing material, budget your project, and coordinate the timeframe.

Talk to us about your roofing needs

When you want competent, reliable metal roofing supply services and support for roofing for your building project, talk to us. We’ll be happy to provide any assistance you need, technical help, and fast, efficient service.

Call us Toll-Free at 253-926-1633 to discuss your needs with one of our metal experts.


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