See the great work some of our DIY customers are doing and get inspired to do your own project. The possibilities are endless, let your imagination get the best of you!  

Roof part 1…Conquered!

Wade put on a 24g. Klip Rib roof on the new addition to his family’s home in Longview, WA. This was the first metal roof he installed and he didn’t pick the easiest type, but we were able to help guide him to a beautiful roof! After his addition project is complete, he plans to put the same metal roof on the existing home, shop, and garage. We love what you’re doing Wade – keep up the good work!




Super Sweet Shed
Greg installed this 26g. standing seam metal roof on his awesome shed, which fits perfectly in its environment surrounded by trees. Way to go, Greg, our hats are off!




Veggie Time
Like so many, the Doyles wanted a unique and functional display for their raised garden beds, and we believe they have accomplished just that.




Bathroom Meets Steel




Garden Shed Galore




Jessica's Get-a-way
Wayne built this treehouse for his daughter Jessica, what a lucky girl!




Wicked Cool Wainscoting
Rueben wanted to create a durable wainscoting wall area for his kid's fun room, and he accomplished that and gave this room a super fun, modern look at the same time. It’s an inspiration, Rueben!




Oly Beauty
Snowboarder, World traveler, Ceramics artist extraordinaire, and now experienced Metal Roofer to add to the list…..Mike and a couple of friends installed this 26 gauge Skyline 16” striated Zincalume metal roof on his Olympia home and a great job they did! Mike and Haley loaded up the Subaru for project #2 - go Mike!