Modern metal roofing has come a long way from the old rusty metal image of the past. (Unless you like the “old rusty metal image” then we can help with that too) The new generation of metal roofing has also become a best practice for architecture, renovation, and property cost management.

Metal Roofing and Architecture

Whether you’re using traditional standing seam, corrugated metal, or a whole new “species” of modular architectural metal products – Metal buy xenical online safely roofing can be suitable for nearly every roofing job.

The architectural considerations for metal roofing are very important:

  • Modern architecture and design often require complex roofing solutions – Metal roofing is a very versatile, easy to adapt type of roofing for most kinds of architectural design. Metal roofing can be modified and designed for complex modern roofs which may require unique penetrations or custom flashing details.  
  • New technology in paint finishes offer a spectacular range of color options – Looking for a beautiful new “cool coated” black roof? You can get your metal roofing panels in a virtual rainbow of fabulous colors. (See our Gallery page for examples of new copper and copper colored, zinc colored and unpainted Galvalume/Zincalume metal roofs.)

Durable, Green and Cost-Effective Metal Roofing

There are many good practical reasons for the rising popularity of metal roofing in America and across the world:

    • Long life – Metal roofing outlasts most all other types of roofing.


    • Cost – Metal roofing has a lower lifetime cost than other roofing materials. Some of the modern simple designs can contribute to overall cost savings.


    • Low maintenance – Metal roofing requires little maintenance. If it does ever need maintenance, the work required is usually fairly straightforward and reasonable.


  • Environmental credentials – Reclaimed metal roofing and the recyclability of metal roofing can reduce carbon emissions in metal production and reduce any potential waste.

Added values – Metal siding, metal fences and more

New alloys and colors offer a fascinating, elegant, selection of design choices for homes and commercial buildings around the US. We have a large range of choices for whatever your project requires. You can see our metal siding and metal fence product options available in complimentary colors to give you a full range of design styles.

If you want a perfect matched metal roof to the exterior of your home, the sky’s the limit. Create a dream home with all the design options you get with our metal roofing, siding, fencing and wainscoting products.

Let’s talk design

If you’re looking for economical metal options for your roof, fence, siding or other home or business projects, talk to us. Give us a call, talk to one of our experts, and let’s create your fabulous new place!